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Jurassic World Patch 

Beautifully embroidered Jurassic World Patch for the fans of the movie. Completed in Isacord polyester embroidery thread on black goretex for durability and brightness. Looks amazing! 

Other background colors / fabrics and embroidery thread colors are available upon request. Send me an email and lets discuss. Patches are sealed in the back with heat and sew. You'll love owning this one. 

Fabrics in stock: Goretex - black, red, purple, white - I prefer goretex to other fabrics and you will too. Its light, waterproof and for the most part dirt proof. The patches come out bright and beautiful. 

Embroidery thread color options- "All" including metallics. All patches are finished in Isacord polyester thread. Isacord thread is the smoothest running and most reliable thread produced. 

Made in USA.

Jurassic World Patch

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