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Have you been inspired by Rey as I have? I loved her in the movie. Every girl should this symbol of the resistance! I tried to give her justice. I hope you like! 

This patch is beautifully designed, based on the Rey the art inspired by the movie. 

The sizing of the embroidery is based on the size of Rey, not the staff. Though I offer a 3" patch, I don't suggest you go below 3.5. 

It is embroidered on Black goretex for longevity and sealed in the back with heat and bond for patch's protection. I cut it out for a complete look. This took awhile to make, so I hope you enjoy. 

Each patch is checked for quality of stitching and cutting (which is done manually) before it goes out to you. 

Like all of my patches I list this one as a sew on patch, however, it is in reality an iron on. I prefer the quality of an iron on patch as the backing protects all of the loose threads and gives the patch extra durability.

Rey of Star Wars

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